Sensor Metrics
Max 180m@10%
Detection Range
Field of View (H,V)
Max Resolution
(H x V)
≥128 Lines
Vertical Scan Lines
5~30 FPS
Frame Rate
Power Consumption

Expanding Perception
Robin expands autonomous vehicles’ ability to see further and wider, just as the side-view mirrors acted as. A wider field of view gives the vehicle more confidence to brake safely and change lanes swiftly. Robin is the perfect companion product to Falcon’s long-range detection to cover the surrounding view of a vehicle. When they are combined autonomous vehicles will ensure driver safety in different road scenarios on highways and city streets. 
Broaden Perspective
Robin reduces blind spot judgements when it counts by increasing field of view on the sides. Robin can detect objects of 10% reflectivity up to 180 meters away with 90% POD under 100K LUX. It has a horizontal field of view up to 140° and a vertical field of view of up to 90°, minimizing the blind spot area. 
Compact Size
The ultra-compact size and lightweight design uses less than 10W power. Robin uses 905nm wavelength laser, which is safe for human eyes. The design allows Robin to be easily integrated onto various parts of a vehicle such as side fenders, headlights, rear lights, or bumpers. Automotive grade tested and operated dependably in different scenarios. 
Flexible Design
Robin is modularly designed and can be highly customized to meet the various requirements of different customers.  

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