High Performance lidar

Falcon is the world’s highest-resolution, longest-range LiDAR in mass production.

Speed. Vision. Precision.

Falcon redefines the boundaries of the possible.


Advanced Autonomy

NIOs acclaimed eT7 electric sedan merges sleek design with Innovusion’s singular autonomous driving achievement. Falcon is the world’s first long-range LiDAR to ship on a commercial vehicle.

True vision

Falcon’s advanced vision capabilities assimilate uninterrupted full field of view and high resolution data collection. Detecting objects as far as 500 meters, Falcon redefines the parameters of performance, enabling superior visibility and improved safety in complex road conditions.

Seamless integration
Falcon brings quiet style and unparalleled performance to the sleek aesthetics of the eT7 and NIO’s Aquila Super Sensing autonomous onboard system. Falcon can be customized to match any automotive design and sensing system.
Enjoy the view
Falcon delivers an especially wide field of view that doesn’t sacrifice precision or detection range. Image-grade point cloud and dynamic-frame high-density region of interest ensure clarity of key detection and safe autonomy in any environment.
All-weather outlook
Leveraging 1550nm laser technology, Falcon can cope with challenging weather and environmental conditions.  Rain, snow, in the dark of night, or on the sunniest of days, the forecast is consistent real-time precision
Reliable manufacturing
Falcon represents true engineering achievement and Innovusion’s tireless devotion to quality. It remains the only fully-industrialized long-range LiDAR in global mass production, unmatched in capability, consistency and reliability.
Robust supply chain
Strategic collaboration with industry leaders and partners to achieve optimization and maturity throughout our high-performance LiDAR supply chain yields efficient and reliable volume production.
Sensor Metrics
250m @ 10%
Max Range
Frame Rate
SW Configurable
120° x 25°
Field of View
Scan Lines / sec
0.08° x 0.09°
ROI Resolution
0.05° x 0.05° min

* Option for 1000m range performance is available

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