Innovusion Releases OmniSense Perception and Road Management System

August 4, 2020 — Innovusion has announced the release of OmniSense, a perception and road management system tailored for Smart Infrastructure and Transportation.  Combined with Innovusion’s image-grade LiDAR systems, OmniSense provides a complete solution for those seeking to improve transportation efficiency and safety whether in complex urban environments or over long stretches of highway.

Together with Jaguar LiDAR, OmniSense can detect and collect real-time information of vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, road hazards and other traffic elements.  OmniSense uses the 3D nature of the LiDAR point cloud to determine the real-time position, velocity, and size of road objects day or night, in a variety of weather conditions, regardless of the object’s material composition and whether it is moving.  These capabilities make OmniSense ideal for a variety of Smart City and Smart Highway applications.

Using a new generation of deep learning algorithms optimized for image-grade point clouds, OmniSense has an industry leading accuracy of detection at far distance.  In addition, Innovusion’s pointcloud fusion function enables merging of point clouds from multiple LiDAR systems, thereby eliminating blind spots in complex environments such as urban intersections, and enabling continuous tracking of individual vehicles over many miles of highway.  Finally, the friendly software interface provides an off-the-shelf solution while maintaining flexibility for customized integrations.

Initial trials of OmniSense have been successful in several cities worldwide and its adoption is accelerating.