Innovusion Officially Passed ISO 26262:2018 Automotive Functional Safety Certification

Innovusion has passed ISO 26262 certification for automotive functional safety by DEKRA Certification, Inc. This certification signifies that Innovusion has established a complete development process and management system for automotive-grade products in accordance with ISO 26262:2018 standard, empowering high-quality development of the autonomous driving industry.

ISO 26262 is an international standard for functional safety and expected reliability of electrical and electronic systems installed in series production road vehicles. It covers the full product life cycle from design, development, verification, production and operation for road vehicles.

ISO 26262 tailors the recommendations based on several levels of risk classification, known as Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL). There are four levels, ranging from ASIL-A to ASIL-D. ASIL-D represents the highest level of risk management, so components or systems that are developed for ASIL-D are made to the most stringent safety requirements.

As a global image-grade LiDAR supplier, Innovusion always puts safety first and promotes product innovation and mass production applications.

In the future, Innovusion will continue to focus on creating safe, stable, and reliable high-performance LiDAR solutions, and consolidate its comprehensive strength in product design, quality control, and safety system construction to ensure the safety of autonomous driving systems.