i-Sense Oakleigh: The Smart Connected Precinct

Executive Summary

Funded by Australian Federal Department of Industry, Technology & Science, this project is a collaboration between Monash City Council and Monash University to build a smart precinct underpinned by advance sensing technologies and a data communication network. The network provides a connected platform to sense, collect and analyze relevant data to improve livability for the community within the precinct. The LiDAR sensors and its platform will collect and fuse different data on mobility including vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians, as well as improve utilization of public spaces such as on-street and off-street parking.

How Product Helped

Innovusion Jaguar LiDARs are being installed on Smart Poles, at the Oakleigh Eaton Mall, on a T Junction; working on Traffic tabulations and Security Monitoring, helping Monash meet their legislative responsibilities for workplace and public safety.

  • increase livability in the Oakleigh precinct through development

  • increase levels of service and efficiency

  • ultimately improve livability for the community.

Results and Future Plans

An early version of the platform has been developed by Monash University. Some of the physical infrastructure has being deployed.

The project is concentrated around the Oakleigh Activity Precinct and is scalable for use in other precincts in Monash.

Innovusion's LiDAR sensors have been instrumental in our project, providing the accurate, reliable 3D data we need in our smart city platform.