Weight Watcher: Highway Overloading Detection in China

Executive Summary

The Shanghai–Nanjing Expressway is the main expressway between the Chinese cities of Shanghai and Nanjing. it is also the busiest expressway in China.

In order to maintain the traffic safely and effectively, the overloaded vehicles have to be well controlled. Innovusion Jaguar LiDAR support to precisely detect the overloaded and oversized vehicles, enabling an effective and safe highway management.


An overloaded/oversized vehicle will not only cause damage to roads and to the vehicle itself but will also put drivers and other road users at risk on the highway. In the past, it’s difficult to precisely identify the weight and size of a vehicle at the highway entrance with cameras, especially in extreme whether,  which will cause frequent traffic jam and accidents.

How Product Helped

Taking Sunan Shuofang International Airport highway as a pilot, Innovusion LiDAR is applied to the detection of overloaded and oversized vehicles. This is the first project in China to do so. Once a vehicle exceeding a fixed dimension is detected, there will be alarm immediately.

Results and Future Plans

After nearly half a year of internal testing, the error is controlled within centimeters, and the detection accuracy of large vehicles is ≥98%. Only on the first day official launch, 4 vehicles were successfully detected.

After successful pilot, the solution may be promoted to all highways across the country.