The First 5G Self-driving Minibus Trial Operations in China

Executive Summary

The Chinese government is strongly supporting autonomous and connected vehicle technology as it begins to fast-track the sector in the country.

Customer B's autonomous minibus passed the test on urban open roads and started trial operations in Q4, 2019, with Innovusion LiDAR as vehicle infrastructure system to provide precise traffic data to ensure driving safety.


The 5G self-driving minibus developed by Customer B is the first autonomous minibus beginning trial operations in China. This is the first SOP minibus on open urban roads with complex situation. How to enable the perfect communication between bus and road and ensure the safe driving on the road are the biggest challenges.

How Product Helped

Innovusion Jaguar LiDARs are being installed at the 1st line at cross spot, running 24hrs each day, helping minibus get real-time road information to make sure driving safety.

• Pedestrian Collision Avoidance

• Blind spot monitoring

• Intersection monitoring

• Automatic Event Capture

• Detect number of cars waiting for signal light

• Traffic flow optimization

Results and Future Plans

Good feedback received on our product from customer. The town plans to expand the pilot autonomous shuttle bus program to later provide services covering 110 square kilometers.