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Application engineer

Job Description:

1. Responsible for the delivery of lidar products, as well as the analysis, positioning and troubleshooting of technical problems in the docking process of customers, and assisting customers to successfully complete the loading integration test of products;

2. Deal with customer's daily feedback, can carry out simple code search, software configuration, analyze and solve problems, give timely response to customers, ensure customer satisfaction;

3. Summarize and summarize the common problems in the process of solving problems with customers, and output standardized documents for customers.

Mechanical engineer

Job Description:

1. Product mechanical structure design.

2. According to the multi-dimensional requirements of the new product's function, performance, cost, quality, etc., complete the 3D structure design and 2D drawing of the system or components, and write the design report.

3. Responsible for the proofing, assembly and debugging of the product, and verify that the structural design of the product meets the requirements.

4. Responsible for problem tracking and structural improvement of existing products, and complete design changes.

5. Design tooling and inspection tools for mass production of products.

6. Complete the BOM review and import, compile/review the production work instruction (MPI).

7. Responsible for the selection and evaluation of suppliers, to ensure that the outsourced processed parts and purchased parts are delivered on time and meet the quality requirements.

8. Solve technical problems in the production process to ensure smooth production.

EE schematic design engineer

Job Description:

1. Design circuit and firmware of core unit for LiDAR

2. Understand technical design requirements and specifications

3. Design for reliability and for manufacturing

4. LiDAR risk analysis, develop and execute risk reduction plan

5. Schematic simulation and analysis

6. DFEMA and test report

Optical engineer

Job Description:

1. Research the technical direction of the lidar optical system.

2. Lead the optical design optimization, tolerance analysis and optical simulation.

3. Lead the stray light analysis, and optimize them.

4. Choose the right optoelectronic device, and set the device’s parameter check method.

5. Communicate with customers and promote our technology.

Test engineer

Job Description:

1. Lead performance testing of lidar devices, optoelectronic components or module, including test plans, test plan design, test system assembly, experiment integration and test report writing.

2. Lead the experimental design, implementation and result analysis of the thermal related tests of the lidar system.

3. Responsible for the reliability analysis, evaluation and testing of the whole lidar system, and independently complete the test plan and report;

4. Conduct technical communication related to product testing with customers and suppliers.

Embedded system software engineer

Job Description:

1. In charge of one or more activities related to the porting and optimization of our solutions on Xilinx platform

2. Arm embedded system build and development

3. Device tree customization and specific device driver porting

4. Kernel optimization and system stability testing and improving

5. Embedded Linux application development

Visualization Software Engineer

Job Description:

1. Build high-performance browser-based LIDAR data visualization applications.

(Senior) Manufacturing software engineer

Job Description:

1. Design the manufacturing process to meet automotive/industry requirement.

2. Design the product manufacturing incl. calibration software architecture and implement with LabVIEW.

3. Analyze, Improve and maintain current manufacturing software to meet all programs.

4. Document the detailed manufacturing software design, interface, and test concept.

5. Writing data analytic software to analyze data collected from Manufacturing process.

6. Work together with cross function team to define the test requirement and system joint debug.


Job Description:

1. Document test specification based on the system/software requirement.

2. Create test plan to meet the customer software delivery.

3. Design the test case to verify the software functionality.

4. Perform the Lidar functional test via script programming.

5. Create the test report and assure the release software quality to customer.

6. Maintain the test environment, tool and responsible for the test automation.

7. Work together with cross function team to define the test requirement and system joint debug.

Marketing supervisor

Job Description:

  1. Collaborate with Sales in launching brand and advertising campaigns, promotions, or online/web/interactive initiatives to increase audience.

  2. Online communication channels maintainanence, e.g., Youtube, Twitter, LinkIN pages. 

  3. Supports the evaluation and selection of third-party advertising, marketing collateral, and related service providers.

  4. Participate in conducting research on program and campaign effectiveness; tracks findings and reports results to management.

  5. Collaborate with internal departments to ensure marketing campaigns are coordinated with operational and sales initiatives.

  6. Connects with influential media outlets and journalists to place Innovusion news.

  7. Assist with event planning, including working with vendors, event coordinators, and design teams for on-site collateral.

  8. Create content regularly to grow the company's footprint (e.g., press releases, corporate announcements).

Algorithm and Application Software Engineer

Job Description:

1. Develop LIDAR based autonomous driving perception algorithm.

2. Develop calibration and fusion algorithms for Lidar, Camera, GNSS, IMU, Radar and other sensors.

3. Develop SLAM algorithm based on vision and point cloud data

4. Develop static environment perception algorithm based on LIDAR, camera and other sensors.

5. Deep learning network structure design, model compression, performance optimization

6. Utilize above algorithms to build real world application.

Quality manager

Job Description:

1. Responsible for the establishment of IATF16949 quality system and daily operation and management of quality department.

2. Responsible for management SQE、PQE、CQE.

3. Assist production and process department to solve and improve quality problems.

4. Organize and compile quality specification of quality department, such as 4M change, deviation management, quick response, etc.

5. Audit the qualification of suppliers ,control the incoming materials quality.

6. Manage QC daily work (inspection method, equipment calibration, document record management).

7. Participate in the whole new project from the development of new products to SOP as quality department.

8. Use VDA6.3 method to do the process audit, use the VDA6.5 method to do the product audit.

9. Responsible for monthly / annual quality assessment and analysis, and monthly KPI report;

10. Implement improvement actitvity to improve customer satisfaction.

Assembly process manager/supervisor

Job Description:

1. Management process department, including project process, manufacture process, industrial engineering and equipment maintenance.

2. Responsible for process department build quality system, manage process documentation (e.g., DFM, PFMEA, flow chart and trial production report, WI, etc.), technology management.

3. Responsible for lidar products import, follow up the new project, trial run and SOP.

4. Participate in design review, output manufacturing feasibility analysis and design new production process .

5. Responsible for assembly technical guidance, improve process , cost down, improve the level of assembly, ensure process & quality control and finish production task on time.

6. Manage the stable process, improve and control the process parameters , ensure production record is accurate, standard and on time, management of the cost of production.

7. Collaborate with other departments, lead the quality issue from process point of view, use the PDCA method continue to improve the production quality,make sure the product quality achieve company goals.

8. Design equipment and fixture, import new equipment, acceptance, use and TPM management.

9. Lead process department to carry out quality activities: CIP, ECR,  review process document, LLC management.

10. Team management, capacity improvement and training.

Logistics supervisor

Job Description:

1. According to customer orders or sales business orders arrange production plan.

2. Responsible for product storage, delivery and logistics management .

3. Responsible for production main material、complementary material、accessories tools  tracking ,material and finished goods in-out warehouse management.

4. Analysis Products in-out warehouse data, cooperate with production department management the safety stock.

5. Update Material status on time, monitor material inventory, release purchasing plan when the inventory is low, supplementary material on time.

6. Monitor and update the finished products status, adjust production plan if necessary, manage the safety inventory.

7. Product and material management,control inventory, support production department and financial department to do relevant inventory.

8. Management the purchasing BOM.

9. Assist R&D(or business department) design the package method, manage of finish production package material.

10. Deal with the material import and export customs.

11. Complete the other tasks which asked by the leader.

Production supervisor

Job Description:

1、Manage the production team (employee motivation, employee training, employee assessment, etc.), to establish production management system.

2、Cooperate with logistic department, arrange the daily production resources, complete the production plan, to meet the requirements of delivery.

3、Manage the production line apply and return material, handle product storage.

4、Organize the QRQC activities, solve the daily quality issue.

5、Cooperate with other departments to solve quality problem, such as process, quality, R&D department.

6、Management production site、 safety、 5S.

7、Organize continuous improvement activities and cost down activities.

8、Organize daily production meeting, management QCDMS.

9、Prepare and release the production specification.

Project manager

Job Description:

1. Project cost control, material, human and other cost control, leading the project cost down.

2. New project management, communicate with customers to make sure project cooperative scheme, completing cost analysis and making project quotation.

3. Confirm the product technical standard and do technical evaluation, lead the preparation of technical agreement, coordinate and communicate the signing of project technical agreement.

4. Determine the product project time schdule, prepare the project plan, and output the complete APQP document.

5. Hold meetings to control all stages of the project, assign project tasks, track the progress of the tasks (including documents). 

6. Rlease production trial run plan, track product trial run status, summarize trial run problems and follow up problem improvement.

7. Follow up the samples delive to customer, coordinate with customers and R & D to improve the product design problems. 

8. Summarize the problems in each stage of the project, out put the problem list, and assess the project team.

9. Submit project each phase reports and documents to customers (PPAP, etc.).

10. Coordinate with team and deal with all kinds of problems in the project life.