Smart Highway
highway and traffic managment

Innovusion’s smart highway solution is based on high-performance image-grade LiDAR technology, providing comprehensive and high-precision vehicle perception and event detection capabilities to customers. Its intelligent road analysis ensures the safe operation and traffic efficiency of the highway.

Traffic Event Detection
Providing multi-dimensional, high-precision traffic event detection, such as debris detection, pedestrian crossing, abnormal parking, wrong-way driving, or congestion. With a detection rate of up to 99%, it quickly reports to the traffic command center, and provides early warnings to oncoming vehicles to avoid accidents. 
Traffic Flow Monitoring
Innovusion is capable of providing 7×24-hour high-precision traffic flow monitoring services, which can clearly identify 9 types of vehicles, while collecting traffic volume and speed data to help the command center judge the condition of traffic flow on highway.
Overlimit Vehicle Detection 
Based on Innovusion’s image-grade LiDAR, we can holographically reconstruct the three-dimensional profile of vehicles, and output high-precision length, width, and height information with an accuracy of up to 10cm. It also supports axle-type detection and accurately identifies different types of truck.
High-Precision Signal Trigger 
Innovusion’s high-performance LiDAR is immune to changes in light and is highly compatible with different vehicle capturing and weighing systems. It can provide high-precision trigger signals 7×24 hours a day, with a trigger rate of up to 99%.