Smart Cities
Empowering Smart City Roadside Perception

Smart cities want to solve road congestion and improve urban operational efficiency. Innovusion’s smart city solution, with its high-performance LiDAR and software platform, helps achieve accurate perception of all traffic elements, traffic state monitoring, road safety reminders, and assists traffic law enforcement, helping cities make more accurate and efficient decisions, pushing forward more smart city development.

Accurate perception of all traffic elements
Innovusion’s smart city solution not only enables holistic perception of traffic participants, but also provides the full-motion element information, including type, speed, position, heading angle, acceleration, and driving posture. The positional accuracy is within 0.4 meters, and the maximum detection distance is over 250 meters, providing rich and precise data for V2X and smart traffic management applications.
Traffic status monitoring
Innovusion’s smart city solution supports 24/7 lane-level traffic flow monitoring. It provides statistics on average vehicle speed, queue length, and traffic volume over distance of 200 meters. It can be widely used in traffic flow surveys, intelligent traffic control, and traffic planning, playing an important role in alleviating urban traffic congestion, improving traffic efficiency, and rational allocation of traffic resources.
Blind Spot Warning
Innovusion’s smart city solution monitors pedestrians and other VRUs at intersections in real-time, including positioning, speed, and heading angle of vehicles. Timely alarms are triggered with sound, light, and other display devices, reducing blind-spot collisions and ensuring road safety.
Assisted Traffic Law Enforcement
Leveraging the stable and reliable perception capabilities of the Innovusion’s smart city solution, it provides lane-level vehicle monitoring, effectively identifying illegal behaviors such as parking violations, backup driving, overloading, and links to license plate capture systems to improve the accuracy and timeliness of law enforcement.