Smart Railway 
Strengthening the Lifeline of Rail Transit Operations

Traditional safety measures for rail transit mainly rely on physical and human prevention. In recent years, emerging monitoring methods such as electronic fences and intelligent video still have limitations such as short monitoring distance, high false positives/false negatives rates. Innovusion’s smart railway solution is based on high-performance image-grade LiDAR, which provides long-distance, high-precision, all-weather, stable and reliable monitoring. It can quickly and accurately detect targets while supporting deep learning algorithms, achieving higher detection rates and lower false positives/false negatives rates, thus reinforcing the lifeline of rail transit operations.

Proactive Obstacle Detection 
Based on Innovusion’s high-performance image-grade LiDAR, it reliably monitors the front track and surrounding area, ensuring the detection and identification of obstructing objects or person within the safe braking range. It provides graded warnings for abnormal deceleration and safe distance of the preceding vehicle, assisting the driver or autonomous train to brake the train and increase safety.
Railside Foreign Object Detection 
LiDAR is deployed in high-risk road sections, including mountainous areas, highway-railway intersections, and tunnel entrances, to identify obstacles that affect safe driving within the track limit. These obstacles may include landslides, falling rocks, landslides caused by geological disasters, throwing objects, abnormal presence of people or animals, and large debris formed by natural causes. By identifying these obstacles, the use of lidar can effectively improve the safety and efficiency of railway operations. 
Foreign Object Detection and Alert
The foreign object invasion detection and alarm system is based on Innovusion’s high-performance image-grade LiDAR and perception algorithms. It is designed for monitoring rail tracks or their surroundings for light rail, subway, and heavy rail. The system actively monitors foreign object intrusion and promptly raises an alarm. When a foreign object, such as a person or a stone, is detected in the monitoring area, the system will immediately alert and record the video and point cloud of the event for subsequent tracing. The system also links to the customer’s alarm system to quickly report the event and ensure the safety of the monitored area.