The long haul

Tough as they come

The harsh environments and exacting work of the uncompromising world of mining inspired Innovusion to design a LiDAR tough enough to withstand the elements while ensuring precision and safety.

Go with the workflow
Efficiency, accuracy, safety, and reliability are the foundation of mining. Innovusion LiDAR represents the cutting-edge, go-to solution for optimizing mining operations, allowing operators to realize efficiency and cost-reductions previously only dreamed of.
Safe. Safer.
True perception is paramount to ensuring safety in the dynamic world of mining. Innovusion opted for a 1550nm light source and 150-line high-resolution — safer for the human eye while delivering better penetration through smoke and dust.
Built Tough
Sand and dust. Extreme heat and cold. Intense shock and constant vibration. Throw in heavy weather while you’re at it — the world of mining is uncompromising and demands a core sensor LiDAR as rugged and able to penetrate the elements as the machines it supports.