Perception is the

Engineered for Autonomy

Any LiDAR can see. Innovusion envisioned automotive LiDAR that discerns.

True autonomy
Our founding vision for state-of-the-art LiDAR is to advance perception and understanding of a world in motion. True autonomy is true perception of the world we live in.
Harmony within a perpetually moving universe is the philosophical principle that inspired Innovusion to achieve the highest precision in automotive LiDAR and autonomous driving in the world.
Safety represents the essence of our vision for technology. A commitment to protecting and enhancing life informs our every innovation. Safety is not a feature for Innovusion. It is our founding principle.
Innovusion LiDAR is designed to focus intelligently. Pioneering detector electronics, advanced optics, discerning algorithms express this guiding principle, delivering a standard of reliability that empowers vehicle makers to succeed.