Advanced Driver Assistance
Safe guarding smarter and more comfortable travel

Innovusion designed and developed LiDAR car-side application perception software based on the OmniVidi platform, mainly for L2 and above passenger car/commercial vehicle assisted driving and automatic driving applications. It has the ability to detect and recognize forward dynamic and static objects, and can meet the semantic understanding needs of smart cars for driving scenes, accurately perceive lane lines, curbs, road surfaces, etc., to make smart driving decisions and the driving experience more comfortable.

Dynamic target detection, tracking, and recognition.

OmniVidi has an ultra-long perception distance, which can stably detect targets 300 meters away, and the longest tracking distance can reach 500 meters. Whether it is a highway or an urban expressway scene, it can identify major traffic participants such as small cars, large cars, non-motor vehicles, and pedestrians. At the same time, it supports the visualization of the historical trajectory of the moving target, and presents the full life cycle and movement trends.

Small object detection.

Innovusion’s advanced driver assistance solutions can accurately detect distant static small targets and dynamic debris, such as traffic cones, tires, paper boxes larger than 20 cm, road branches, floating plastic bags, and other irregularly shaped objects that are over a hundred meters away which ensures driving safety.

Target state recognition.

It supports accurate recognition of special vehicle motion states, including when vehicles are cutting in and out, stationary vehicles, forward collision-prone vehicles, sensitive stationary targets, and non-standard objects. Which enables automatic emergency braking systems, reducing false alarm rates, and optimizing the driving experience.

Lane line/curb recognition and prediction.

Innovusion’s advanced driver assistance solutions support perception of road information, including solid and dashed lane lines and road edges, and can predict targets up to 200 meters away. At the same time, it can monitor the current driving trajectory in real-time.

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