Innovusion LiDAR  detects and collects the real time information of vehicles, pedestrians, hazards and other traffic elements on the road. Combined with a new generation of deep learning algorithms  optimized for high resolution LiDAR point cloud data, it can accurately capture highway incident information. Applications include highway ETC masts, toll stations, service areas and various smart highway scenes.

In comparison with traditional video detection, Innovusion long-range image-grade LiDAR has the following advantages:

  1. All-weather high-precision detection: It uses 1550nm scanning light source that offers a greater safety margin for  human eyes. It operates acurrately in both the darkness of night as well as extremely bright sunlight.  

  2. Three-dimensional imaging and perception: Jaguar Prime acquires more accurate and reliable multi-dimensional road information, rich 3D imaging and perception data.

  3. All-round no blind spots: A single Jaguar Prime LiDAR can achieve road event detection coverage of up to 10 lanes, and a single detection distance up to 350 meters. Using the serial holographic fusion technology of multiple  LiDAR units, the detection and tracking of vehicles are achieved with no blind spots on the highway.  The problem of “blind spot under the light" present when using traditional event detection methods is solved.


Successful Customer Cases

The Shanghai–Nanjing Expressway is the main expressway between the Chinese cities of Shanghai and Nanjing. it is also the busiest expressway in China.