Utilizing the innovative sensing technology of LiDAR combining with the rich and diverse traffic information provided by LiDAR, it enables smart cities to better manage traffic control platform, to make more optimized decisions, and to find problems in the early stages of urban traffic congestion. Early detection of potential risks that impact traffic safety help cities improve the efficiency and safety of the road network.

Thanks to advanced technology and powerful algorithms, Jaguar Prime can collect complete traffic data information under various weather and lighting conditions.  It can accurately capture the speed and trajectory of road users whether the object is stationary or fast-moving.

At the same time, Jaguar Prime also improves the safety of autonomous vehicles. It sends real-time detection data of intersections to autonomous vehicles or connected cars through the V2X communication protocol, which helps autonomous vehicles to better see the blind spots. 

Jaguar Prime can be installed in infrastructure such as traffic lights.


Successful Customer Cases

Funded by Australian Federal Department of Industry, Technology & Science, this project is a collaboration between Monash City Council and Monash University to build a smart precinct underpinned by advance sensing technologies and a data communication

The Chinese government is strongly supporting autonomous and connected vehicle technology as it begins to fast-track the sector in the country.