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Innovusion - Vision, Redefined!

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Empower Safe and Smart Living

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Empower Safe and Smart Living


  • Falcon

  • Falcon AI

  • Jaguar Prime

  • OmniSense


Falcon is an industry-leading automotive-grade LiDAR developed by Innovusion through positive development. It can detect objects as far as 500 meters, and dark objects with 10% reflectivity up to 250 meters. Falcon can maximize point density in region of interest (ROI) which is adjustable to focus where it matters most to better track objects on the road ahead. High performance LiDAR like Falcon is key to L2+ safe autonomy.

Customer benefits:
  • 500m ultra-long detection range, image-grade ultra-high resolution

  • Flexible and adjustable ROI

  • 1550nm laser wavelength enables better eye-safety

  • Mass production of automotive-grade robust products is ready

  • Falcon AI

    Falcon AI is a highly-integrated ultra-long range AI LiDAR developed by Innovusion as a core sensor for smart transportation scenarios like V2X and smart highway, etc.

    Customer benefits:
  • Highly-integrated design with integrated GPU saves resources for customers without external edge computing.

  • Support different deep learning frameworks and the deployment of OmniSense perception platform developed by Innovusion.

  • Image-grade resolution with wide FOV, as well as max detection range of 500m, applicable to different scenarios.

  • Active cooling design for different environmental conditions.

  • 1550nm laser wavelength, eye-safe.

  • Jaguar Prime

    This series of products are long-range image-grade LiDARs, which can be widely used in urban and highway scenarios, perception and management of road conditions.

    Customer benefits:
  • OmniSense integrated in, analyzed data as output.

  • Wide field-of-view and high resolution to enable highly accurate detection and classification of road users.

  • Reliable vehicle detection to 280m means fewer LiDAR units are needed to cover a given area.

  • OmniSense

    In addition to the high-resolution 3D point cloud and advanced perception algorithm, OmniSense is also equipped with a programable development platform with a friendly interface.

    Customer benefits:
  • Pedestrian Collision Avoidance.

  • Automatic Event Capture.

  • Beyond The Horizon Warnings.

  • Blind Spot Monitoring.

  • Long Range

    Identify vehicles at 500m, and pedestrians at >200 meters

    Image Grade

    See your surroundings in 3D with the clarity of a photo


    Our sensors have been road tested to withstand the elements for years

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    About us

    Innovusion is a worldwide leader in the design and development of long-range image-grade LiDAR systems, empowering future mobility solutions.

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