OmniSense can detect and classify pedestrians, cyclists, vehicles anywhere in the field-of-view.
The 3D nature of the point cloud enables OmniSense to measure the precise size, location, and velocity of each object.

  • 1. Pedestrian Collision Avoidance
    OmniSense can detect when a pedestrian enters a pre-defined area, such as a crosswalk, or areas of the road outside of the crosswalk.  This information is combined with input from the traffic light (green/yellow/red) to trigger an appropriate warning.   This warning can be broadcast by a roadside unit (RSU) to nearby smart vehicles, or displayed in a prominent location to alert oncoming drivers.

  • 2. Automatic Event Capture
    OmniSense can be configured so when abnormal events occur, the point cloud is saved as a 3D point cloud or a 2D image format.  The data recorded in real time can be sent back to a server for storage, where it can be accessed according to time stamp.

  • 3. “Beyond The Horizon” Warnings
    Due to the long-range detection capability of Innovusion LiDAR, OmniSense can detect events over 200 meters away, such as pedestrians crossing the road, and issue an appropriate warning.  Unlike other LiDAR which are limited to sensing events within 50-100 meters, OmniSense can truly observe hazards beyond the “horizon” typically noticed by drivers.  Event warnings can be transmitted by roadside unit and broadcast to nearby vehicles.

  • 4. Blind Spot Monitoring
    Blind spot scenarios, such as pedestrians obscured by larger vehicles, can be detected by the 360° Multi LiDAR Fusion.  A warning can be broadcast to other vehicles through roadside units.


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